Think Big, Start Small

Community organizations–nonprofits, schools, municipalities–do exciting things every day. They work to help those who can’t help themselves, enhance the education of our youth, and improve the overall quality of life in the Adirondack region. That work comes at a cost, and with dwindling public resources, these groups must increasingly look to their neighbors for support.

Adirondack Gives is a crowdfunding website brought to you by Adirondack Foundation. It connects local fundraising campaigns with people who want to help. Here, you can create a campaign to raise money for your project or cause, or simply donate to something you care about.

The projects on this site are good ideas that just need a boost to get started. In the Adirondacks, you don’t need to give $1,000 to make an impact. Sometimes, all it takes is a gift of $5 or $20.

Each campaign on this site has been vetted by Adirondack Foundation’s staff. All gifts are tax-deductible.


Thank you for considering a gift to Adirondack Foundation through Adirondack Gives.  100% of your gift will be directed to the campaign you have designated. Adirondack Foundation validates the 501(c)3 status of organizations using Adirondack Gives as a fundraising tool but does not endorse or evaluate any campaign. Adirondack Foundation reserves the right to decline a campaign for any reason. 

Adirondacks Gives is strictly for nonprofits organizations, public charities and other not-for-profit causes. Use of this site for personal or business gain is strictly prohibited, and Adirondack Foundation will not permit any campaigns that attempt to commercially gain from this site. For more information, or to ask a question about Adirondack Gives, email chris@adkfoundation.org or call (518) 523-9904.

Adirondack Gives is brought to you by the Adirondack Foundation. For more giving opportunities in the Adirondacks, email Adirondack Foundation Executive Director Cali Brooks at cali@adkfoundation.org or visit www.adirondackfoundation.org.