Adirondack Community Church Youth Trips

By Lee Kyler

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In July 2016, youth and adults from the Adirondack Community Church traveled on two missions trips. Both trips were under the coordination of Group Work Camp. First, a group traveled to Cedar Grove, West Virginia. Cedar Grove was built as a booming coal-mining town. Many neighborhoods that were built in the early 1900s are showing their age. Coal moves more slowly now, and residents are now becoming elderly, many with disabilities and black lung disease from years of mine work. The group worked hard and helped repair nearly 100 homes, much needed after devastating floods!

Later in the month, a smaller group of senior high students traveled to Thailand & Cambodia. The sex trade industry is flourishing in both countries, putting children and teenage girls especially at risk. It’s estimated that up to 20% of all tourists who visit either country make use of the sex trade. Rescuing girls from the industry is no small feat, and for those who are rescued, the road to recovery and healing is long. This trip was a life changing learning experience.

In 2017, the youth from our church were challenged again, traveling to Navajo Mountain, Utah. Challenge number one was the location. Navajo Mountain is perhaps the most remote community in the lower 48 states. This small community at over 6,000 feet above sea level still has no stores of any kind, and the nearest gas is over 30 miles away. Challenge number two was the work. Many houses are in need of sturdy metal roofs—shingles just don’t last in this harsh environment. We did very little cosmetic work here—the focus was on preservation of the home and the health and safety of the residents.

In 2018 we will travel to Wilmington, Delaware, for yet another Group Mission Trip. Later in the month a small group will return to Siem Reap, Cambodia, and check on the progress of Pastor Chung outside the rural village of Battambang.

We thank you for any support you can provide!


2012: Owego, New York

2013: Rochester, New York

2014: Scranton, Pennsylvania

2015: Mescalero, New Mexico

2016: Cedar Grove, West Virginia; Thailand & Cambodia

2017: Navajo Mountain, Utah

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