Adirondack Loons Need a Technology Reboot!

By Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation

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The Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation interweaves scientific research with innovative educational programs to address critical conservation issues affecting the Adirondack Common Loon population and the lakes they inhabit. As much as we love to be out on the water observing the loons themselves, we actually spend a lot of our time sitting in front of computers. Among other things, we develop educational materials, analyze data, and write scientific papers and popular articles to aid in the protection of these spectacular birds.

Thanks to the help of our many donors, the Adirondack Loon Center reached an exciting milestone this spring when we branched out on our own to become an independent nonprofit organization. As a new nonprofit, we’ve had to set up numerous components to enable us to work effectively.</p> <p>However, one area remains very dated—our technology. We are getting by with elderly refurbished laptops, yard-sale monitors, used projectors, screens, etc. To enhance our capabilities to better protect and learn more about Adirondack loons, we’re in need of a full “reboot” of our technical equipment and software. This improved equipment will also enhance our upcoming educational exhibits about loons that will be introduced at the Adirondack Loon Center over the coming year.

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED to help improve the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation’s loon research and educational programs in the Park! Specifically, your support will help us purchase new laptop computers and monitors, servers, iPads, and a smartboard.

Thank you for helping increase the effectiveness of our loon conservation efforts in the Adirondacks!

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