Ausable Watershed Lake and Stream Monitoring Program

By Ausable River Association

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The Ausable River watershed is home to many beautiful Adirondack lakes and hundreds of miles of iconic streams. Each year, the Ausable River Association, in partnership with the Adirondack Watershed Institute, collects over 100,000 water quality measurements at 35 stream sites and 7 lakes (Upper Cascade, Lower Cascade, Mirror Lake, Taylor Pond, Lake Everest, Butternut Pond, and Chapel Pond). These data help us understand how road salt, climate change, and other pollutants are affecting our lakes and streams.

That data is used in regional presentations and community discussions about how pollutants such as road salt are impacting our waters, including the groundwater that many residents rely on for drinking water. Based on our road salt findings, many local municipalities are taking action to reduce salt use. Maintaining this ongoing monitoring effort is essential to identifying emerging threats to our lakes and streams and to measuring their recovery as our communities test solutions to reduce road salt impacts.

Join the movement to protect our beautiful lakes and streams. Support clean water by donating today to ensure our water quality monitoring efforts continue.

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