Camp Little Notch Project Adventure Improvements

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Research shows that children are not facing the kinds of challenges they need in order to grow into capable, confident adults. We are seeking to update our existing ropes course to meet Project Adventure standards to provide a quality challenge experience for our campers and user groups!

Our Project Adventure challenge course is located throughout our 400 acres of wilderness camp property and is exposed to harsh Adirondack winters. More funding would help us complete deferred maintenance on our high elements, provide training for our summer 2018 staff, and replace and augment our supply of Project Adventure related soft goods.

At Camp Little Notch, we have a well-established course of both high and low elements, but several of our high elements are in disrepair—most notably our Helix, where the tree that provides support to this element is dying and we need to hire a tree company to safely remove it.  Additionally, we need to build and install wooden ladders for several elements. More funding will help us complete these essential projects!  We would also like to train more of our staff through certified Project Adventure programs in order to provide the highest quality of experience for our campers and user groups.

Finally, we need to augment and update our supply of “soft goods,” such as helmets and ropes, to ensure the safety and comfort of all our users. This funding will allow us to provide the best quality equipment so our users can challenge themselves in a safe environment. We currently serve children 7-17 for our summer program.  We also offer programs for schools, colleges, Girl Scout troops, organizations, and corporate retreats.  Updates can be made to existing low and high elements on camp property to meet standards detailed in our Project Adventure inspection in spring 2018.  Changes include updating instructor access points, and replacing soft goods, such as helmets and ropes. Additionally, training will be provided to our staff members to meet Project Adventure’s certification requirements.  Our focus in 2018 is reopening plus progression of low elements to high elements with more challenges for everyone using the property.

When it was announced in 2008 that the Girl Scouts were selling Camp Little Notch (CLN) in Fort Ann, NY, camp alumnae founded Friends of Camp Little Notch (FoCLN). Through partnerships with local organizations, FoCLN was able to purchase the 400-acre camp property, as well secure conservation easements for the entire 2,300 parcel.  Currently we operate summer programs for youth and retreat and training facilities for groups from our local community and beyond.  Increasingly people are plugged into some kind of electronic medium. The authentic wilderness setting of CLN allows them to unplug and make deeper connections.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for all people to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves.  It has been shown that we need to foster a love of the outdoors in children if we want to raise the next generation of environmentalists.

Operations at CLN facilitate an ongoing appreciation and interest in land conservation and promote consciousness about the Earth and our role as stewards.  Little Notch campers and staff practice sustainable, low-impact living and bring these practices back to their everyday lives.  Recognizing that our perceived differences create social barriers that can prevent us from truly seeing, learning from, and valuing each other, CLN provides a dynamic environment to bring people together through shared physical and creative activities—a practice historically shown to break down barriers to help people value themselves and each other.  By providing opportunities for recreation, education, and community engagement in a wilderness setting, we provide a resource for individuals looking for a way to connect with nature, as well as build skills they can apply in their daily lives.  CLN provides the freedom to create a self-determined experience within a comfortable routine.  Campers are more willing to try new things and often take risks than they might in school, returning home empowered with increased self confidence.

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