Cycle Adirondacks: Helping an Adirondack Wild Child

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Greetings! We hope you’re enjoying Cycle Adirondacks 2017As you’ll see, Keene Valley is a lush environment for wildlife, including the iconic “Wild Child of the Adirondacks” — our native beavers.

Beavers are habitat engineers, building dams and ponds that make our mountain home so biodiverse and beautiful — but this work can also get them into trouble! Flooding costs our towns money and often leads to trapping and killing beavers to prevent them from causing damage. To protect New York State’s official mammal, we are helping Keene Central School install a “beaver-deceiver” water control structure to prevent flooding and keep this wild child out of trouble while they do their beaver thing, enhancing native habitat.

PROJECT COSTS: What we need to get it done!

  • Welded steel cage for “beaver-deceiver” water control structure: $1600 
  • Wire panels to enclose the deceiver and the pond’s water outlet: $800
  • Excavator time, tools & hardware to put it all together for the wild: $800 

PROJECT WISH LIST: Extras to make beaver dreams come true!

  • Topsoil to cover the leaking earthen dam & support wildflowers: $1000
  • Native wildflower mix for pollinator garden & nature trail at pond: $200
  • Geometric dome playground for kids (simulates a beaver lodge): $250


Why Beavers of course! Both the animal kind and local residents, especially Keene Central School Beavers because as we say, “We are the Beavers, the mighty, mighty beavers!” Our kids will get help with the technical work from Tom (equipment operator) and Kathy Smith (certified wildlife biologist and former school board member), and YOU! You are welcome to work alongside us with wheelbarrows, shovels, brush-clippers and seed-spreaders during the August Cycle Adirondacks visit and project workday!

Cycle Adirondacks, Adirondack Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Glen & Carol Pearsall Adirondack Foundation are teaming to help the three host communities of this year’s Cycle Adirondacks raise funds for a community generated project. To learn more, contact Doug Haney at or Chris Morris at

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