Lake Placid Connections for Change (LPCC)

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Lake Placid Connections for Change (LPCC) is a student-driven program that works towards spreading positivity and creating a healthy environment for all students. Our logo is a pair of sneakers. The sneakers represent walking in someone else’s shoes and experiencing what they go through on a regular basis. Empathy is one of the main themes of our group, we like to emphasize the importance of understanding and using empathy everyday.

With any contributions given, we plan on painting an “I Am” mural, adding inspirational¬†posters throughout the school, doing team building activities for all students, and coming up with new and inspiring ideas to make everyone feel welcome when they walk through the front doors every day.

We want the students in our school to have a good experience and feel the best that they can, each and every day. One of our main inspirations was from Tom Bull, a man who works at Peru Central School. He gave a powerful presentation to the students in our middle school, about how important having a good community is. This inspired the students and faculty to create a program of our own, and we are willing to put in the hard work to make a difference in our school. As each year goes by, we hope that the LPCC can continue to grow throughout both the middle and high school.

The LPCC plays a huge role in reducing opportunity gaps. The members of our group are welcoming to anyone who would like to help make the school a better place. No matter where you come from or what grade you’re in, this program is for everyone. We are always open to new ideas and love having the perspectives of many different.

Lake Placid Connections for Change is different from other programs due to its ability to bring students together. We have new ideas and solutions to help improve our school.Through a group effort, we have already been able to make positive changes in the school culture.

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